Blogging Features: Too many choices

Comments. Trackback. Blogroll. E-mail updates. Digg This. Social Media links like Digg, Facebook, Reddit. Subscribe to this using one of many services. Top commenters. Most popular entries. It can get messy and crowded. I was relieved to find the Share This, which compiles many social media sites along with an e-mail this feature into one … Read more

Real-life Examples of Why Content Reigns and Design Boosts

How content and design play together… In the game of chess (kind of hard to shake this analogy when you’re trying to avoid “Content is queen/king.”), the strategies and the moves equate to content. They fascinate chess players and chess fans. The board with its squares keep the content on track. Apple’s product designs for … Read more

Long or Short Articles on Web Sites

Nielsen addresses whether a site’s content strategy should use longer or shorter content. The best answer: As long as it needs to be. Even Nielsen’s own article is long and I jumped around to get its main points. Many experience success with both long and short articles. I wrote two versions of a landing page … Read more

About Pages

Your About Page Is a Robot caught my attention especially since I’ve been reviewing over 100 sites in a specific industry. Some don’t have About pages, some had them — but they were not helpful, and a select few succeeded. The About page also gives your company a human touch. What your About page should … Read more