The Problem with Carefully Crafted Headlines

My youngest showed me a bookmark that listed the 20 Texas Bluebonnet nominated books. “Mom, I’m going to read all 20 of these books,” he said. Needless to say, I did cartwheels and back flips in my mind. (The only place it can happen as I haven’t done a decent cartwheel since the ’80s.) A … Read moreThe Problem with Carefully Crafted Headlines

Research Redefined

You may have heard that Encyclopædia Britannica no longer sells a print edition. It now only offers a paid subscription to its online edition. Why pay a few bucks a month for information that’s available free? Ah, yes, Encyclopædia Britannica entices prospects by saying, “There’s no such thing as a bad question–but there are bad … Read moreResearch Redefined

Traditional Publishing to ePublishing: What you need to know

Guest post by Margaret Norton Five years ago, when I started thinking about writing my first book, most people recommended a traditional publisher rather than self-publishing. I took that advice many times, but since then I’ve wondered if I made the right choice. One year after my book was released, I terminated my relationship with … Read moreTraditional Publishing to ePublishing: What you need to know

Guest Post: Two Attorneys Spill the FAQs.

Welcome to meryl’s notes blog (this here place you’re lookin’ at) in Plano, Texas. We’re honored to be a stop in Joanne Lewis and Amy Lewis Faircloth‘s WOW! Women On Writing Blog tour. We’re hosting a giveaway of a Kindle version of their book Wicked Good [affiliate]. Read on to see how you can win. … Read moreGuest Post: Two Attorneys Spill the FAQs.

Book Summaries and Editorial Reviews: Revealing too much?

I went to bed late a couple of times this week because of “The Hunger Games” series by Suzanne Collins. Great series — so far. I’m just getting to the meat of the second book (“Catching Fire”). I knew the games and themes in the series resembled the “The Running Man,” but couldn’t imagine why it was a best seller. “The Running Man” was a good movie, but I didn’t love it and post-apocalypse themed stories tend to be depressing. After finishing the first and digging into the second, I got my answer.