The Complete Guide to Captioned Videos

Captioned Videos Complete Guide

Born profoundly deaf, I’ve depended on captioned videos since getting my first big clunky decoder in 1983. It was a box about the size of the older VHS and DVD players. Back then, captioned shows and movies were hard to find. Few things excited me more than seeing the caption symbol on the cover of … Read moreThe Complete Guide to Captioned Videos

What You Need to Know About Types of Video Captions

1980s Caption Decoder

Image credit: Smithsonian Way back in 1983, I got my first caption decoder. It was a box about the size of two stacked DVD players. (As shown in header photo from Smithsonian.) Whenever I recorded TV shows, the captions burned into the video. That means I could take the tape and watch the show on … Read moreWhat You Need to Know About Types of Video Captions

Is Your Company’s Content Cursed?

Hank Stroll, one of my first clients and a dear friend, would occasionally reply to my email with a chuckle telling me I’m doing what his wife does. He explained that his wife and I sometimes had a tendency to talk about something and he’d have no clue what we’re talking about. Like he entered … Read moreIs Your Company’s Content Cursed?

Speech-to-Text Software Test Take 2

When I had thumb surgery in 2008, I invested in voice recognition software to try to get work done. I spent most of the time fighting and correcting the Dragon Naturally Speaking. The one good thing that came out of the maddening experience was this funny speech-to-text software post. Despite having little hope in software … Read moreSpeech-to-Text Software Test Take 2

Get Organized: Folder Naming Tip

I’m a neat-aholic. When I enter a kid’s messy room, my mind overloads and my body stiffens. Though I’ve trained myself to accept a little messiness in my home, the exception to the rule is my office space. My youngest occasionally came into my office to color, play with toys or do projects. That was … Read moreGet Organized: Folder Naming Tip

Is a Blog Right for Your Business Update

Although I wrote Is a Blog Right for Your Business? in 2007, people still mention the article or contact me with questions after reading it. Blogging has changed a lot since then, but one paragraph remains true. Some people like to read blogs, others like to read newsletters, still others like to rely on feeds … Read moreIs a Blog Right for Your Business Update

Outdated Software

When I bought a Flip camera in 2008, I also grabbed video editing software. Before buying the software, I researched for a good editor that wasn’t fancy or power-packed. Just enough to get the job done without spending much time with the user manual. With new software, I can usually dig right in. However, past … Read moreOutdated Software

Are Your Painters Standing around While You Pick Out Colors?

This guest post comes from Cal Evans (no relation that we know of), author of Avoiding a Goat Rodeo: How to get the website you want. I’m a lucky man. I get to talk with a lot of developers and web development shops. No matter where in the world I am, one constant refrain I … Read moreAre Your Painters Standing around While You Pick Out Colors?