The Problem with Carefully Crafted Headlines

My youngest showed me a bookmark that listed the 20 Texas Bluebonnet nominated books. “Mom, I’m going to read all 20 of these books,” he said. Needless to say, I did cartwheels and back flips in my mind. (The only place it can happen as I haven’t done a decent cartwheel since the ’80s.) A … Read more

The Secret to Writing about a Popular Topic

Before reading Margie Clayman’s Avoid the temptation to write something popular, I saw articles on how to get ideas for blogging and how to write a bunch of blog posts quickly. These tired topics introduce nothing new. Same outfit, different color and style. Blog there, done that. I’d rather not blog than rehash something that … Read more

Look for the Nuggets

In 2005, the fair organizers came up with the bright marketing idea to take its food theme to another level when it started the Big Tex Choice Awards. The fried food games began. Eventually, the organizers added the slogan of “Fried Food Capital of Texas” and now people associate the fair with fried food. How does the fried food awards help a writer?

The Dark Side of Guest Posts

I don’t update my blog as often as I’d like. So I happily accept guest posts when people offer, right? Eh. Almost daily, I receive an email asking if someone can write a guest post for this here blog. 95 percent of the time, I don’t bother responding to these messages just like they don’t … Read more

5th Grade Graduation and HAGS

I Be One Decade Old Goodness gracious! This blog’s 10th birthday passed and I never noticed until today. My first blog post went up on June 1, 2000. This place is a decade old. What does that translate into Internet years? Anyway, thank you to every single pair of eyes for reading in the last … Read more

5 Easy Ingredients of a Successful Online Marketing Formula

I avoid in-person events as much as possible. It’s not because I’m an introvert. It’s not because I look hideous. (Although we should know better than to let our looks get in the way of meetings.) It’s because I’m deaf. Most people understand me when I speak. It’s the other side — the more important … Read more