Ann Fields

I highly recommend Meryl Evans as a professional writer and content maven. I worked for several years with Meryl in the telecommunications field. She was an analyst in the Process department and she served on many key projects with much success.

As an analyst, she was responsible for the creation of technical requirements documents, test plans, and process flow charts. She facilitated cross-functional conference calls and hosted team meetings to initiate and execute key work initiatives. Meryl has many strong skills that are applicable to any industry. She has a keen attention to detail, a thirst for all things technical, an analytical mind for design, and a commitment to meeting deadlines.

Plus, Meryl has strong interpersonal and negotiation skills…and a great sense of humor! Needless to say, her writing skills and technical knowledge far exceed the average. Again, I sincerely vouch for Meryl’s professional skills and abilities and would welcome any opportunity to speak on her behalf.