Ableism and Related Terms You Need to Know

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It’s hard writing about topics like ableism, microaggressions, unconscious bias, and stereotypes. Ignoring uncomfortable topics gives power for them to continue. Hence, we need to learn about them, understand them, talk about them, and know how to address them. Otherwise, change will not happen. ContentsAbleismLateral AbleismMy Experiences with Lateral AbleismTypes of Lateral AbleismBenevolent AbleismUnconscious Bias, … Read more

Disability Language and Navigating Its Nuances

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Trigger warning: Disability language I know … I know … Many folks are tired of political correctness. This includes knowing which words or phrases to use without offending someone. Disability language is a tricky thing. First, when it comes to disability language, there are two sides. One applies to disabled people and their allies. They … Read more

The Deaf Experience in Telehealth Accessibility

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The use of telehealth has boomed thanks to the pandemic. Even though the pandemic has passed, the healthcare industry continues to use telehealth. While telehealth is a great option for many, it wasn’t something I wanted to try as a deaf person. For those who don’t know me, I avoided it because I was born … Read more

How to Be an Accessibility Ally

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Many organizations boast about their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. Yet, data shows they’re overlooking people with disabilities and accessibility. A survey by Return on Disability showed fewer than 2% of the participating companies mentioned people with disabilities in their diversity efforts. DEI absolutely includes people with disabilities and accessibility. Companies that don’t intentionally include … Read more

In Memory of Molly E. Holzschlag, the Fairy Godmother of the Web

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Trigger warning: Death The accessibility and disability community lost another giant. I lost a dear friend. Molly Holzschlag (1963 – 2023) Molly was a U.S. author, lecturer, and advocate of the Web as a tool of human potential. She had a background in linguistics, communications, mass media, social justice, human cognition, behavior, and sociology. Molly … Read more

Progress Over Perfection: The Better Way for Communication and Accessibility Advocacy

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Progress over perfection in accessibility and disability inclusion applies to everyone. It can help with accessibility advocacy as well as people getting started in accessibility. Accessibility is everyone’s responsibility. The human resources department needs to ensure the hiring and employee benefits processes are accessible. Procurement needs to ensure the company buys accessible products and services. … Read more

Progress Over Perfection: A Better Way to Accessibility

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What’s the progress over perfection approach in accessibility? First, let’s get something out of the way. Often, people think accessibility is the web development or IT team’s job. Far from it. Accessibility is for everyone. It’s everyone’s responsibility, every department from human (HR) resources and marketing to finance and procurement has a part to play. … Read more