The Joy of a Good Verb

Welcome to meryl’s notes blog (this here place you’re lookin’ at) in Plano, Texas. We’re honored to be a stop in Pesi Dinnerstein’s WOW! Women On Writing Blog tour. We’re giving away a copy of A Cluttered Life: Searching for God, Serenity, and My Missing Keys! [affiliate] Read on to see how you can win. … Read more

Lessons from Language Barriers

Image by eyesplash Mikul via Flickr I’d love to read more stories like these two. They provide valuable insight in human nature, perception and more. The Executive and the Branch Manager The first lesson is in perception. I caught this nugget in a New York Times article [Link: Jack Scharff]. It’s a valuable lesson involving … Read more

Watch Your English Style for Web Content

I’m hooked on As Time Goes By, a British TV show starring the Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer. I’m also getting into British-based Prime Suspect with Helen Mirrin. Not only do I enjoy the repartee between Dench and Palmer, but also hearing the British accents. While I may not have good hearing, I can see … Read more

OMG! President-Elect Speaks in Complete Sentences

Photo credit tsevis Here is the article in its entirety as I’m running around trying to get stuff done before hand surgery and Thanksgiving. Grammar geeks rejoice. Shouldn’t we be happy he actually speaks English? Obama’s Use of Complete Sentences Stirs Controversy: Stunning Break with Last Eight Years by Andy Borowitz In the first two … Read more

Hey! What Does Your Business Do?

Ever receive a link to a business web site where you can’t figure out what the company does? The home page sounds like something from the company’s fancy and non-sensical mission statement. Unfortunately, many companies rely on content from their business plan and other internal documents. I had a brief client who did this. The … Read more

11 Ways to Play the Name Game

Call me goofy, but I loved singing “The Name Game” as kid: Meryl, Meryl, bo-beryl, Banana-fana fo-feryl Fee-fi-mo-meryl Meryl! Yeah, yeah… I know how some immature kids like to use names like Chuck and Mitch. I’m sure you’ve heard your share. I’ve always been fascinated with names, how they came to be, and their origins. … Read more

Numbers as Brand Names

TechCrunch reports that Microsoft calls its next operating system (the one after Vista) Windows 7. Mickey comments: I’d love to see them start using logical numbers again, but it doesn’t add up: Windows 3.1 (“Windows 3”) Windows 95 (4) Windows 98 (5) Windows ME/2000 (6) Windows XP (7) Windows Vista (8) Windows 7 (9?) I … Read more