Speaking, Training, and Accessibility Marketing Services

Meryl delivers a presentation on PCMA stage.
Meryl wears a pantsuit as she delivers a presentation on a stage with a PCMA CL22 on a large screen behind her.

Speaking and Training

When you hire me to speak at an event or train your employees, the focus is on the 3 E’s: educate, entertain, and encourage action. Attendees will learn something new, have a few good laughs, and make progress. The talk or training can be customized for your organization.

The three goals of every presentation are to …

  • Educate attendees to help them learn something new
  • Entertain attendees to help them remember the message
  • Encourage attendees to take action with the new knowledge

I also do a series of presentations. There’s a lot involved with accessibility and supporting people with disabilities. I create multiple presentations that are given at least one month apart. This gives attendees time to absorb and apply the learning. The signature series includes:

  • Disability Awareness
  • Accessibility Awareness
  • Creating an organizational culture of accessibility

View past speaking events. Some of the events have a link to the recording, so you can learn what I’m like as a speaker.

Accessible Marketing Consulting

There are two versions of this service. One that helps the marketing department create accessible communications related to their brand. The other is marketing the value of accessibility within the company.

Educating employees on accessible marketing and content

Companies bring me in as an accessibility marketing consultant to help educate their employees on the why and how of accessible marketing. It will not be a long laundry list that feels overwhelming. I work with you and your team to create accessible content and processes. I use the progress over perfection approach.

Accessible content makes a difference. Not just for search engine optimization. You’ll expand your reach with accessible marketing and connect with your target market to win them over. Accessible marketing drives revenues. This service may include speaking, training, consulting, or a mix of options.

Meryl points to a purple shirt she's wearing that says Progress Over Perfection with an accessibility icon in the O of over

Meryl points to a purple shirt she’s wearing that says Progress Over Perfection with an accessibility icon in the O of over. Available for purchase.

Marketing the value of accessibility to employees

Do you have accessibility developers and professionals focused on accessibility for your customers and stakeholders? What about the rest of your organization? Are they sold on the benefits of accessibility?

Do your employees have the tools to do their best work? What about your vendors? Many companies tend to focus on accessibility for their customers. They forget about their own backyard. The workplace needs to be accessible for employees too. Accessibility is everyone’s responsibility.

Before that can happen, employees need to understand the why of accessibility. Employees are less likely to change because they’ve been told to do something. When they learn the why, then they will want to make a change. For accessibility to become a company-wide priority requires marketing its value to employees.

Success also hinges on one more thing: executive buy-in, support, and action. Without this, educating employees on the benefits of accessibility won’t work. It won’t get off the ground.

Connect with Me

Want to put accessibility and people with disabilities in your diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) DNA? Contact me with your requirements and budget. If I can’t do it, I might know someone or have resources for you.

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