How to Be an Accessibility Ally

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Many organizations boast about their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. Yet, data shows they’re overlooking people with disabilities and accessibility. A survey by Return on Disability showed fewer than 2% of the participating companies mentioned people with disabilities in their diversity efforts. DEI absolutely includes people with disabilities and accessibility. Companies that don’t intentionally include … Read more

Progress Over Perfection: The Better Way for Communication and Accessibility Advocacy

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Progress over perfection in accessibility and disability inclusion applies to everyone. It can help with accessibility advocacy as well as people getting started in accessibility. Accessibility is everyone’s responsibility. The human resources department needs to ensure the hiring and employee benefits processes are accessible. Procurement needs to ensure the company buys accessible products and services. … Read more

Progress Over Perfection: A Better Way to Accessibility

"This is progress" six circles filled with water with first being little working up to full. "This is also progress" shows very slow progress. "And so this" shows little, then a lot, then back down and then back up.

What’s the progress over perfection approach in accessibility? First, let’s get something out of the way. Often, people think accessibility is the web development or IT team’s job. Far from it. Accessibility is for everyone. It’s everyone’s responsibility, every department from human (HR) resources and marketing to finance and procurement has a part to play. … Read more

Captioning Videos: Special Topics

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Here’s a round-up of short captioned topics and tips. These used to be in the giant captioned video guide. But it was becoming unwieldy and I wanted to take out instructions for software as that’s always changing. I also separated out the Captioning Videos FAQ. Captions Revealing Secrets Should captions reveal secrets? Sometimes the speaker … Read more

Captioning Videos FAQ

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Thank you for your interest in captioning videos! When you caption videos, You’ll be rewarded with more video views because those with captions reach more viewers than those without captions. Here are the answers to frequently asked questions about captioning videos. Who uses captions on videos? Believe it or not, it’s not just deaf or … Read more

Deaf FAQ: My Perspective

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When I give a presentation, I always preface it: “I can only share my experience as a deaf person because we’re all diverse.” We’re all different. Some of us are born deaf. Some are late-deafened. Some of us wear hearing devices. Some don’t. Some of us learn to speak and read lips. Some of us … Read more