Frank R. Sobyak, founder, Dealership Partners

Meryl is a recommended and an endorsed resource for timely, relevant, and actionable content creation. We’ve worked together and I’ve recommended her to many colleagues over the past 15 years. Most recently she supported our digital marketing team at Park Place Dealerships with the creation of new model year overviews for over a dozen automotive manufacturer brands.

Meryl is always interested in a positive outcome, and in delivering an exceptional result. And, she will recommend improvements or enhancements as opportunities for them arise. For this she is a trusted advisor.

She always delivers good work on time that meets objectives, while at the same time providing exceptional value. For this, she is a reliable and viable resource.

Meryl will delve into your brand to help promote it in a way that engages the reader and is creative as she weaves together her storyline. For this, I find Meryl to have great enthusiasm and creativity.

Plus, she understands search engine optimization and can craft content that ranks for keywords that will drive clicks, views, and shares. Bottom line, great person who delivers a great product at a great value.