Allison Lindfors, Assistant Brand Manager at Edrington

I had the pleasure of hosting Meryl as a speaker for an all-company meeting where we had a fireside chat discussing DE&I with a focus on Disabilities in the workplace. Meryl was a pleasure to work with, communicating seamlessly to establish our questions and presentation beforehand and pulling off a very engaging presentation that received amazing feedback from the company & was a highlight of the week’s presentations. Meryl also helped consult to make sure we were meeting inclusivity standards for our conference and as a result, we were able to establish captioning services for all of our presentations – A win not just for those hard of hearing, but also those visiting from other countries and with accents – and a great example of the “curb-cut effect” Meryl shared with us. I would highly recommend working with Meryl as a speaker to engage and advance disability awareness and inclusion as well as on a consulting basis. Overall just a lovely human to work with.

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