The Secret to Writing about a Popular Topic

Before reading Margie Clayman’s Avoid the temptation to write something popular, I saw articles on how to get ideas for blogging and how to write a bunch of blog posts quickly. These tired topics introduce nothing new. Same outfit, different color and style. Blog there, done that. I’d rather not blog than rehash something that … Read more

Blogging Features: Too many choices

Comments. Trackback. Blogroll. E-mail updates. Digg This. Social Media links like Digg, Facebook, Reddit. Subscribe to this using one of many services. Top commenters. Most popular entries. It can get messy and crowded. I was relieved to find the Share This, which compiles many social media sites along with an e-mail this feature into one … Read more

Move Visitors Past the Home Page without Leaving

How often does this scenario happen to you? When you land on a Web site, it doesn’t instantly answer the most important question: What is the Web site about? The second question depends on the site. For business sites: “What does the business do?” For blogs: “What is the topic of the blog?” My blog … Read more

Spread the Marketing Wealth for Best Results

Stock investors always say, “Diversify!” Imagine if you had all of your stock in one company and it went bankrupt. This scenario is what happened after the dot com crash. Putting all your eggs into one basket labeled “email newsletters” can also spell disaster. The eggs might meet the same fate as Humpty Dumpty. But … Read more