8 Social Media Shortcuts You Need to Know

Social media shortcuts

Yes, social media has its own shortcuts like keyboard shortcuts. These are things you can learn once and use everywhere. I love to learn new keyboard shortcuts. Without a doubt, they speed typing. Back in the early ’90s, I learned my first shortcuts: Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, and Ctrl+V aka cut, copy and paste. And they still … Read more 8 Social Media Shortcuts You Need to Know

Personality and Style

I took child psychology in my sophomore year of college. The one thing I’ll never forget about that class is taking Myers-Briggs Type Indicator for the first time along with other personality and learning style tests. The result? ISTJ (Introversion, Sensing, Thinking, Judging). And I’ve tested ISTJ every time since then. Even my daughter is … Read more Personality and Style

30+ Ideas YouTube and Videos

You can do more with YouTube than posting videos of bloopers and sleepwalking dogs running into walls. Creating videos and uploading them to sites like YouTube and Vimeo provide writers with the opportunity to share expertise, promote a book and connect with others. Camera shy? You don’t have to be in the video. You have … Read more 30+ Ideas YouTube and Videos

Nominate Your Favorite Book on Social Media

If you read this blog, you most likely have an interest in social media and books. A great combination to ask for your nominations for the Top 10 Social Media books. More and more books on social media keep hitting the streets, but we can’t buy them all. So let’s help each other out by … Read more Nominate Your Favorite Book on Social Media

Create a Writer's Profile in Facebook

Most folks use Facebook for one or the other, not both. However, many freelance writers and I use Facebook for both personal and business. After all, when you hire us, you get our personalities and styles. I take care to watch what I post by remembering a future client, a former boss and family member could … Read more Create a Writer's Profile in Facebook

Favorite Posts of 2009

Yee haw! (I’m a Texan, I can do that.) Happy to do another Middle Zone Musings “What I learned from…” project. This time, we share our favorite posts of 2009. I put this together based on what I thought were most valuable to you based on your feedback. 7 Traits of Bad Twitter Followers: The … Read more Favorite Posts of 2009

10 Commandments for Writers Using Social Media

No rule book exists to tell us how to behave ourselves in social media. With no eyes peeking into ours, we forget real people are out there reading our stuff and we  make an impression with every sentence we write online. A colleague told me about an agent who posted in public that his or her … Read more 10 Commandments for Writers Using Social Media

Watch What You Blog, Post and Tweet Online

I wish I could say this is stating the obvious — it’s not. People continue to miss out on opportunities because of something they said anywhere online. This applies not only to those looking for jobs, but also freelancers and those in current jobs. Future clients, customers, employers, agents and publishers WILL check up on … Read more Watch What You Blog, Post and Tweet Online

List of Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are growing faster than one person can keep up with them as there are hundreds today. That’s incredible. This post is no longer updated. Keeping it alive as the information is still useful. Twitter group chats offer a clever and effective way to meet people with like interests and to share insights into … Read more List of Twitter Chats

9 Ways to Brand YOU

Photo credit Deniz Ongar In #editorchat, Lydia (moderator) asked, “authors: have your editors and publishing companies ask that you ‘brand yourself’ by blogging, twittering, or using other SM #editorchat” It doesn’t matter if you work for a corporation, nonprofit, government or small business. Don’t wait for someone to tell you to “brand yourself.” You must … Read more 9 Ways to Brand YOU