Favorite Posts of 2009

Image credit: Shlomit Wolf
Image credit: Shlomit Wolf

Yee haw! (I’m a Texan, I can do that.) Happy to do another Middle Zone Musings “What I learned from…” project. This time, we share our favorite posts of 2009. I put this together based on what I thought were most valuable to you based on your feedback.
7 Traits of Bad Twitter Followers: The things to do if you hate Twitter.
50+ Writer Uses for Twitter: Who knew there were so many things you can do within 140 characters?
50+ Writers Uses for Facebook: Facebook can do more than connect you with friends and family.
Short, Powerful and Favorite Books: If you crave reading a book without a lot of time, these are the ones sure to fulfill your reading desires.
How to Join Twitter Chats: And videos to help. One of my favorite things to do… connect with intelligent individuals and participate in conversations without barriers.
How to Manage Your Time with Social Networks: Writing is a lonely business and it’s very easy to fall under the hypnotic trap of social media.
Twitter Success Means More Than Numbers: Stop asking, “How can I get more followers.” It defeats the purpose. I know plenty of folks with about 200 followers who are great tweeters.
40+ Writer Uses for LinkedIn: You can do more than just connect with people.
Watch What Your Blog, Post and Tweet Online: Many times I’ve thought about tweeting something and then I’d back off.
27 Most Used Applications in a Writing Business: I was surprised how well-received this one was. I guess we all like to peek into people’s work.
10 Commandments for Writers on Using Social Media: I had fun with this one. Wish I were inspired more often.
How Muscle Memory Affects Writing: I found some old English papers from college. Eww! It does show me I write faster and better thanks to years and years of practice. And I am still practicing!
Applying the Pomodoro Technique in Writing: This technique can range from simple to full-blown. What I like about it is that you can just focus on the 25-minute, break, 25-minute aspect. It works.
How to Create a Twitter Profile for Writers: A couple of tips that some of us experienced users may not think about.

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