Let Us Facebook

With the holiday season upon us and many of us spending less time online, on blogs and elsewhere — I decided to make a Facebook edition of “Let It Snow.” I’ve also done Twitter and blog versions: Let Us Tweet (Dragon unNaturally Speaking makes an appearance here) and Let Us Blog. Again, apologies to “Let … Read more

Outdated Software

When I bought a Flip camera in 2008, I also grabbed video editing software. Before buying the software, I researched for a good editor that wasn’t fancy or power-packed. Just enough to get the job done without spending much time with the user manual. With new software, I can usually dig right in. However, past … Read more

Managing Your Reputation

I’ve been reluctant about guest posts because they rarely offer value and most of them write 10 versions of the same article to post everywhere. Not Matt Polsky. Matt did something different. He addressed me by name and his email included specifics about my blog. He also suggested a topic that worked for readers like … Read more

5th Grade Graduation and HAGS

I Be One Decade Old Goodness gracious! This blog’s 10th birthday passed and I never noticed until today. My first blog post went up on June 1, 2000. This place is a decade old. What does that translate into Internet years? Anyway, thank you to every single pair of eyes for reading in the last … Read more

5 Easy Ingredients of a Successful Online Marketing Formula

I avoid in-person events as much as possible. It’s not because I’m an introvert. It’s not because I look hideous. (Although we should know better than to let our looks get in the way of meetings.) It’s because I’m deaf. Most people understand me when I speak. It’s the other side — the more important … Read more

Create a Writer's Profile in Facebook

Most folks use Facebook for one or the other, not both. However, many freelance writers and I use Facebook for both personal and business. After all, when you hire us, you get our personalities and styles. I take care to watch what I post by remembering a future client, a former boss and family member could … Read more

Favorite Posts of 2009

Yee haw! (I’m a Texan, I can do that.) Happy to do another Middle Zone Musings “What I learned from…” project. This time, we share our favorite posts of 2009. I put this together based on what I thought were most valuable to you based on your feedback. 7 Traits of Bad Twitter Followers: The … Read more

50+ Writer Uses for Facebook

Facebook has done a great job of attracting the masses including those who don’t do much social networking. For goodness sakes, my mother uses Facebook! That gives you a hint of Facebook’s enormous reach, one that you should capitalize on as a writer. Whether you’re a published author or freelance writer, Facebook offers many opportunities … Read more

Facebook Pages: Writers and the Fan Problem

Facebook defines Facebook Pages as “A public figure, business, or brand can create a Facebook Page to share information, interact with their fans, and create a highly engaging presence on Facebook.” Facebook confuses many with its “Facebook pages” because of how it uses the word “fans” on those pages. The Meaning behind Fan Many of … Read more

How to Manage Your Time with Social Networks

Photo credit Scouts Caslu Twitter. Facebook. LinkedIn. MySpace. Social Median. FriendFeed. Friendster. Ryze. Blogs. It’s never-ending. Those of us who work to keep up with social media as a marketing and publicity tool feel like we’re drowning in a pool of “Be my friend,” “Join my group” and “Update me.” It’s like tangled cables. You … Read more