Is It OK to Schedule Tweets on Twitter?

In Twitter, several of us discussed the ups and downs of scheduling tweets. Then I read Should you schedule your tweets? I love Twitter and I could easily read tweets all day and engage in a variety of fascinating tweetversations. Instead, I created a habit to avoid letting Twitter and its fail whale swallow me up. Every morning, … Read more

How to Manage Your Time with Social Networks

Photo credit Scouts Caslu Twitter. Facebook. LinkedIn. MySpace. Social Median. FriendFeed. Friendster. Ryze. Blogs. It’s never-ending. Those of us who work to keep up with social media as a marketing and publicity tool feel like we’re drowning in a pool of “Be my friend,” “Join my group” and “Update me.” It’s like tangled cables. You … Read more

40+ Easy Marketing Activities for Freelancers

Writers don’t just write. They also must market unless they’re John Grisham or Mary Higgins Clark. However, Grisham had to market early in his career. So how do writers market themselves? Try any of these activities that would benefit writers, book authors, freelancers, and small businesses. Grow your portfolio. If you’re just getting started, many … Read more

7 Tips to a Good Twitter Experience

When people say they don’t get Twitter — it’s because they need to be more proactive. Twitter doesn’t work if you lurk, post updates, and do nothing else. What I’ve learned after using Twitter for a month: Follow unto others as you would have them do unto you. @comment others to make the most of … Read more

Interactive Online Tools for Business Book

Businesses have been taking advantage of many online tools not originally created for business purposes such as blogs, feeds, wikis, forums and more. These help businesses create a community, build relationships and gain trust and credibility. Would you buy a book on this topic? If so, what do you want from the book that you’re … Read more