Reeling and Dealing with Client Loss

I’ve lost clients over the years. The only one was because she didn’t like my work. However, in defense of my work, she wanted web site content that resembled her business plan — a bad idea that will not go over well with the audience. I tried to explain the standard practice and support that … Read more

What I Learned from My Children: Simplicity

The day before a state-wide math assessment test, my husband humorously asked our oldest who took algebra at the time, “Do you remember how to add, subtract, multiply and divide?” “I don’t know. When I do a math problem now… if the answer is simple, I think it’s wrong because it has to be more … Read more

Capturing the Freelance Life in Pajama Diaries

I love Terri Libenson’s The Pajama Diaries. My mom saves them for me since my local newspaper doesn’t carry the comic strip (I submitted a request for it). The strip revolves around freelancer Jill Kaplan, a mother and Jewish woman. That’s me. AND my maiden name is Kaplan. The following strip captures a day in … Read more

40+ Easy Marketing Activities for Freelancers

Writers don’t just write. They also must market unless they’re John Grisham or Mary Higgins Clark. However, Grisham had to market early in his career. So how do writers market themselves? Try any of these activities that would benefit writers, book authors, freelancers, and small businesses. Grow your portfolio. If you’re just getting started, many … Read more

When Personal Appointments Take over Your Week

Frustration builds while reviewing this week’s calendar. Every day this week has something not routine and not work-related scheduled (and most of last week, too). I can only reschedule one appointment, but it’s not enough to lighten the load. So what does a lone freelancer do? To prevent myself from going crazy and sacrificing sleep … Read more