The $75,000 Writer: Follow the Dollars to Freelance Commercial Writing

Imagine This: The editor of a magazine you’ve written several pieces for says yes to a recent query. You outline the parameters of the piece and the conversation turns to money. He says, “Let’s try something a little different this time. Figure out how many hours you think it’ll take to do the piece. Factor … Read more

When Good Clients Have Bad Ideas

For a long time, I knew of John Hewitt and he didn’t know me. Way back when I used to search for jobs for’s markets newsletter, I relied on John’s listings. I linked to John’s site over time because he offers a wonderful resource for writers. We got to know each other better after … Read more

Telling the Hard Truths of the Writing Life

The winner of one full copy of Spinword PC game from Joyboost from the How to Become a Freelance Writer entry is Karen Swim! Congratulations again, Karen. It’s possible to win more than once in the blog entry prizes. This entry’s prizes are a book by Tara Calishain and AWAI’s Accelerated Six Figure Copywriting program … Read more

Write Funny: 3 Timeless Rules of Comedy That Every Writer Should Learn

Our guest blogger is Jamie Grove of How Not to Write. However, he means the opposite… he knows how to write and does it well as you can tell from this entry. Thank you, Jamie. We’ve known each other a short time, but it feels longer as he’s easy to talk to and get to … Read more

10 Tips to Balance Freelance and Personal Lives

Karen Putz asks how I do it — balance full-time writing and being a parent to three kids. I should be asking her how she does it — she interviews Marlee Matlin! As I mentioned in my how I became a writer story, the whole thing started as a part-time venture while managing a part-time … Read more

How I Became a Full-time Freelance Writer

I generally don’t talk about myself as I accept that people don’t come here for my personality. Instead, people like you come for the information I provide that I hope helps you in your life. From reading other blogs, it looks like many love to hear how writers and freelancers went full-time. So here’s the … Read more