How a Writer Deals with Work in the Summer

Image by merylk via Flickr I admit it. Summer break messes with my writing work that I work shorter hours, blog less and write fewer online articles. While I have one kid old enough to fend for herself (driving) and another going to day camp, summer still disrupts my schedule. For one, the day camp … Read more

Capturing the Freelance Life in Pajama Diaries

I love Terri Libenson’s The Pajama Diaries. My mom saves them for me since my local newspaper doesn’t carry the comic strip (I submitted a request for it). The strip revolves around freelancer Jill Kaplan, a mother and Jewish woman. That’s me. AND my maiden name is Kaplan. The following strip captures a day in … Read more

Volunteering with Kids

I have a degree in elementary education, but I am not comfortable working with kids because I sound different and worry about understanding them. Obviously, I love kids as I have three of my own (the youngest turns two at the end of this month,—sob). Anyway, my kids’ school PTA has a program in which … Read more