Family Relationships: Parental Influences

And now for something different. Don’t worry — it’s not a regular occurence. You’ll still get your writing, networking, teching and other stuff next time. Today I’m participating in a mass blogging! WOW! Women On Writing has gathered a group of blogging buddies to write about family relationships. Why family relationships? We’re celebrating the release … Read more

Bullyproof Your Child for Life Book Review

Bullying today looks nothing like bullying 15 years ago. While many of the things we know about bullying from our childhood years remain true, bullies can now follow their victims 24/7 using the Internet and cell phones. Bullyproof Your Child for Life quotes the National Girl Scouts Research Institute and Harris Interactive report, which states … Read more

Blog Book Tour: Bye-bye Boardroom

Author Rachel Hamman of Bye-Bye Boardroom: Confessions from a New Breed of Stay-at-home Moms. The book is written in diary format, provides insights into the hearts and minds of almost 30 women who left the comfort of corner offices for the chaotic and most challenging positions of their lives — becoming full-time, stay-at-home moms. She’s … Read more