Book Review: Nonfiction Writing

Author Dan Poynter has written over 100 books. Think he knows something about publishing? Not only has he written three digits worth of books, but he also has a publishing company that publishes and distributes many quality articles, resources, and books about publishing. Writing Nonfiction is an easy, educational, fast, and enjoyable read. Poynter goes … Read more

How to Be Idle

After reading this book, I have decided to skip the review to enjoy the extra time. Oh? I have to write it? That’s “wage slavery!” according to author Tom Hodgkinson who uses that term for “jobs.” He reveals his life changed for the better once he trashed his alarm clock. By the way, I’m not … Read more

Writer's Market 2006

Writer’s Market 2006 has arrived. I’ve written a review on past editions and it’s tough coming up with something new to say about it. The articles that appear prior to the markets are helpful especially, “How Much Should I Charge?” Providing quotes is my second least favorite thing… well, maybe first. The other one being … Read more

The Dance of Fear

The Dance of Fear is the book formerly known as Fear and Other Uninvited Guests. The name change most likely came as the result of author Harriet Lerner’s other Dance book titles — Dance of Anger, Dance of Intimacy, Dance of Deception and so on. It’s catchy and good book marketing. Lerner uses her experiences, … Read more

All Marketers Are Liars

If the book were titled, All Marketers Are Storytellers, would you consider looking at it? Godin brought up this point in the book and it clearly explained what he means by “liars.” Of course, he didn’t insult marketers as he belongs in that category. But “storytellers” would be nothing new. Though he didn’t use “storytellers,” … Read more

Putting It on Paper

After pouring sweat over the newest book, it’s time for the next step: Getting it out there for people to buy. Unlike the Field of Dreams, if you write it, they won’t necessarily come unless you’re John Grisham, Mary Higgins Clark, or Patricia Cornwell. If you are one of them, “Hi! I’m a fan of … Read more