11 Ways to Play the Name Game

Call me goofy, but I loved singing “The Name Game” as kid: Meryl, Meryl, bo-beryl, Banana-fana fo-feryl Fee-fi-mo-meryl Meryl! Yeah, yeah… I know how some immature kids like to use names like Chuck and Mitch. I’m sure you’ve heard your share. I’ve always been fascinated with names, how they came to be, and their origins. … Read more

Writer's Market 2006

Writer’s Market 2006 has arrived. I’ve written a review on past editions and it’s tough coming up with something new to say about it. The articles that appear prior to the markets are helpful especially, “How Much Should I Charge?” Providing quotes is my second least favorite thing… well, maybe first. The other one being … Read more

Eats, Shoots and Leaves

I’m obviously a stickler for grammar and enjoy finding grammatical errors, typos, and other funny goofs with the English language as evidenced in the Gotchas (new design coming) and the series I’ve written for Webreference. Imagine my excitement when hearing about this runaway bestseller in which the author takes a “zero-tolerance approach to punctuation.” It … Read more

Constructing Accessible Web Sites

With many sites overlooking the simple ALT in images, it’s no question that many need educating on this important topic. Statistics show that 15 to 30 percent of the population has a need for accessibility features on Web sites. Happily, people live longer and aging brings seeing and hearing challenges. Furthermore, seniors are responsible for … Read more