Which Is the Best Automatic Captioning Tool for Video Calls?

Video call with automatic captioning by Google Slides

One good thing came out of COVID-19. It forced me to try video calls again. The reason I don’t love video calls is that I miss too much. While I’m a strong lipreader, video calls have a few challenges. Why I shied away from video calls The turning point Automatic captioning guidelines for video calls … Read more

Book Review: The Last Will of Moira Leahy

Therese Walsh’s debut novel, The Last Will of Moira Leahy, opens with Maeve Leahy remembering losing her twin “on a harsh November nine years ago.” So it’s obvious why she has struggled with every November. That is, until now. On a whim, she attends an auction to bid on a keris, a Javanese-style dagger that … Read more

Book Review: The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

Beware The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur has a potty mouth, but that’s what makes it endearing and an engaging read. Author and TP entrepreneur (TPE) Mike Michalowicz uses it as his brand. Anyone who doesn’t like potty mouth is probably not his ideal audience anyway. While potty humor — especially in the movies — tends to … Read more

Book Review: Tuned In

“Tuned in” explains the difference between Apple Newton’s failure and iPod’s success. Apple wasn’t tuned in when it created Newton, but when it promoted “1000 songs in your pocket,” Apple solved several problems: giving people a way to carry their songs in something small, making it easy to get songs from computer to iPod and … Read more