Speak Body Language

Maybe because of my hearing loss, I tend to notice the slightest changes in facial expressions. I never thought anything of it until a friend mentioned it. She invited me to stay for dinner and I accepted. About 20 minutes later, I noticed her facial expression changed slightly. I told my friend that I changed … Read more

PowerPoint Abuse: Presentations revolving around Powerpoint

Over the last few years, comments have popped up on how PowerPoint ruins many presentations. That’s backward. Presenters ruin presentations by using PowerPoint. PowerPoint isn’t the criminal here. The crime comes from people not using creativity in designing their presentations. Weird Is Good took an ingenious approach in a lecture on the Civil War. Here’s … Read more

Metaphorically Selling

Who knew selling could be fun? Metaphorically Selling shows you how to use metaphors in making the sale without sounding cliche. The book isn’t just for people who do sales, but anyone who has to do any kind of persuasion even for marketing a one-person business. It’s a surprise this book isn’t better known as … Read more