Here Are Two Simple Writing Tips

Stop with the Overdone Modifiers On Writing Well taught me to cut the use of modifiers such as “really,” “very,” “so,” and “quite.” I save those for when I *really* mean something 🙂 It’s amazing how many articles I’ve edited that abused these words that they lose meaning. Using Only in Sentences “An Ode to … Read more

Pluto Gets Plutoed

Thanks to poor Pluto’s recent declassification as a planet, the American Dialect Society — an organization founded in 1889 that “is dedicated to the study of the English language in North America, and of other languages, or dialects of other languages, influencing it or influenced by” — picked “plutoed” as its 2006 Word of the … Read more

Corporate Gibberish Generator

Need quick content about your business that sounds like you took your time to craft? Let the Corporate Gibberish Generator do the work for you. Al you have to do is enter your company name and click “Generate.” Ta da! Look at this amazing paragraph it created within seconds (before you read it, double up … Read more