AP, Writers and Social Media

The AP is Changing the Way Their Reporters Use Twitter reports that the Associated Press (AP) is forbidding writers from sharing opinions in Twitter, including opinions of others through retweets. I understand AP wants to ensure its reputation for unbiased reporting remains intact. My initial reaction was tripping over my jaw that had somehow landed on … Read more

Lessons from Language Barriers

Image by eyesplash Mikul via Flickr I’d love to read more stories like these two. They provide valuable insight in human nature, perception and more. The Executive and the Branch Manager The first lesson is in perception. I caught this nugget in a New York Times article [Link: Jack Scharff]. It’s a valuable lesson involving … Read more

Pluto Gets Plutoed

Thanks to poor Pluto’s recent declassification as a planet, the American Dialect Society — an organization founded in 1889 that “is dedicated to the study of the English language in North America, and of other languages, or dialects of other languages, influencing it or influenced by” — picked “plutoed” as its 2006 Word of the … Read more