Ten Most Hated Words on the Internet

OK, if this poll by British pollsters of YouGov is accurate — then prepare to cringe. The ten most hated words on the Internet — based on a poll of 2,091 adults — reports the following words making the list:
1. folksonomy
2. blogosphere
3. blog
4. netiquette
5. blook
6. webinar
7. vlog
8. social networking
9. cookie
10. wiki
Folksonomy earns its rightful place on the top. Can’t tell you how much work it took me to understand what it means, spell it right (kept writing “folksomy”) and pronounce it (probably still saying it wrong).
The other words make sense. They feel phony. Especially in the earlier days of blogging, it always felt weird to see “blog” and even “weblog.” Saying it sounds too personal like mentioning certain parts of the body.
Cookie may not sound bad, but who wants to see the delightful treat in a sometimes bad light? While cookies save us typing, the bad sites also abuse them giving them a bad name.
Wiki … Hawaiian sounding words are fun, but this one just looks out of place especially in the world of business. “Hey, have you checked the wiki for changes?”

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