Bribing Bloggers and Advertising in Blogs

The blogosphere has been abuzz with the news about bloggers who received a PC loaded with Vista from Microsoft. The company told the bloggers they could keep the PCs, donate them or return them. Here’s an entry from Joel on the topic. This topic isn’t new. Remember Marqui? Sites like PayPerPost and Blogitive pay bloggers … Read moreBribing Bloggers and Advertising in Blogs

Burned by Blogging

An article from the latest email newsletter from Writer’s Digest shares a bad experience a writer ran into with blogging. The writer, I believe, didn’t do anything wrong. Successful blogging requires authenticity, but the writer got burned instead. Sandra Scoppettone, the blogger mentioned in the article, regularly blogged about the writing life. Then trouble came … Read moreBurned by Blogging

Time Warner Internet Lives up to Its Reputation

I had been hearing many stories about how bad Time Warner’s service was. Since the switch over from Comcast to Time Warner, we experienced no problems. That is, until December 29. Our Internet connection was slow to non-existent. We didn’t think much of it even after rebooting the router and cable modem. After two days … Read moreTime Warner Internet Lives up to Its Reputation

Web Site Search Engine Optimization

Last Thanksgiving, my mother-in-law was asking about how to get a web site to get better search engine rankings. Apparently, someone she knows started a web site and talked about it with her. No way she would’ve brought it up otherwise as she and my father-in-law are semi-Luddites. They have a computer for the basics … Read moreWeb Site Search Engine Optimization

Cursive Writing and Memorizing History and Poetry

This past entry addresses the dying art of letter writing (by hand and snail mail!). Cursive writing becoming a thing of the past looks at cursive writing’s decline in the classroom. Students typically learn cursive writing in third grade and I believe this should continue — but not with a heavy focus on getting it … Read moreCursive Writing and Memorizing History and Poetry