10 Ways Freelancers and Small Business Can Provide Great Customer Service

I had a whole box of party favors leftover because I overestimated the number of kids attending. I contacted the company to ask if I could return the unopened party favors for a refund. The company said to keep it, and they’ll issue a refund. Sure, it may cost more for me to send it … Read more


I look forward to reading Mary Roach’s humorous Reader Digest column in every issue. The column reflects on things she runs into in life that many of us can relate. In the June 2007, she shares her experience in calling tech support regarding the Windows setup CD. Her computer crashed and it needed the setup … Read more

How to Have Remarkable Customer Service

Joel on Software has an excellent article that gives seven steps to remarkable customer service. Joel shares the things he learned about customer service that gets people to “remark” or talk about it. He makes a very important comment about doing two things when fixing any problem. One, fix the problem. Two, resolve the problem … Read more

Consumer Complaints

At a time when shopping is big as well as returning items, we find items that don’t work or live up to our expectations. Rather than just complain, do something about it. It might surprise you. I bought two Miss a Kits and the pen didn’t work on either one. I wrote to the company … Read more