How to Have Remarkable Customer Service

Joel on Software has an excellent article that gives seven steps to remarkable customer service. Joel shares the things he learned about customer service that gets people to “remark” or talk about it.
He makes a very important comment about doing two things when fixing any problem. One, fix the problem. Two, resolve the problem so it doesn’t repeatedly become a problem.
I love the suggestion that helps avoid asking a customer a “duh” question that makes them feel stupid like “Is X plugged in?” I have an outlet where things fall out of it easily no matter how I try to adjust things. So it’s not a stupid question, but a precaution to check the simplest things because things can come unplugged after time. A vacuum turned off one of the surge protectors.
Joel tells a story about Lands’ End. I can tell you a story about the company, too. My daughter’s rolling backpack tore up on the bottom from her dragging it. Lands’ End has a lifetime guarantee on the backpack. The company replaced it with no questions asked even though the backpack was over a year old. This remarkable service has me talking about it, doesn’t it?
Once I did an abstract that wasn’t my best work. Even though I loved the book that I abstracted, sometimes I don’t click with an assignment. That’s what happened with this particular book. Another time, I must’ve been sleepwalking when I posted an entry as it had a couple of problems. I gave my clients discounts (one refused to take it).
I treat my clients as if they’re coworkers. When someone gets sick or has a family emergency, I check in with them and send cards. One client sent an email with sincere thanks for the card. I’ve been working with Hank Stroll of InternetVIZ for over six years. We met in person for the first time last weekend when he flew down from Minnesota for a special family event (which is why I haven’t posted much lately). We had a wonderful time meeting and talking.
What excellent customer service have you experienced or given customers?

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