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I just survived and thoroughly enjoyed a weekend-long family celebration. Today, I learned that some people didn’t make it to the party because Mapquest didn’t have the right information or street for the location of the party. I was horrified. I used Google Maps and it was perfect in giving directions and showing the location of the event.
This is a lesson in how technology can screw up the best laid plans. About five people got lost and thankfully, my out of town family found their way even though I gave them the right map and posted it on the event’s web site.
When planning an event for a business involving getting someplace… check the major map sites and do all you can to avoid this problem. Maybe I should’ve included a map in the invitations — but really… this place wasn’t new. Remember that people don’t have your web site with them when they head to the event.
Even if we had our phones with us, it probably would not have made a difference. Only one person called needing directions. Most people won’t likely know how to contact you. Or maybe giving out a cell phone or the event’s phone number would help.

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  1. I have used mapquest and am thoroughly disappointed with them. This evenine I attempted to get driving directions and was unavle to get any information. So I went to Google and got it immediately. The last several times I have used mapquest, I have experienced the same. NO directions. With Google, immediated information. Mapquest is HISTORY


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