Health and the One-Person Business

I haven’t been too lucky in terms of health lately. I got the flu shortly before a major family event. Then something hit me over the past weekend, but the symptoms were all over the place. I listen to the body and rest, but it doesn’t keep the guilt away when you’re a one-person business. It’s a struggle knowing I have clients waiting on me.
Some people work through illness — and I did on many occasions when I worked in the corporate world. I still do in my one-person job — but I have to make an executive decision whether it’s good or bad for the client. This past illness was definitely “do no work” that I had to turn down the opportunity to get a new client. But poor quality vs. gaining new one. I would’ve lost the new one had it not been my top-notch work. On top of that, it would’ve meant someone out there not having good things to say about the work.
Even if I know I can do the job for a new client, it’s more pressure because I want to do the best work possible and exceed expectations. I gave the client an alternate name to try to help her out — but I don’t always give a name because it has to be someone I know will do a good job.

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