Franchises Aren't Consistent

Most of you probably went to a restaurant where the food and service was excellent. But then you go to another location of the same restaurant and it was a disaster. Franchising is complicated as some require their chains to do everything the same while others have more leeway by owner.
A pizza buffet chain opened near me. We liked the place in Fort Worth and my kids’ school held spirit nights there. One problem. This location’s food bombed. It was a shame because of its convenient location and the right atmosphere for a spirit night. The place closed within a year or so. I wonder why?
Service varies as employees aren’t going to be carbon copies of each other. But good service could be a matter of good training. But food shouldn’t vary much. But, food quality can vary in one location. How many times have you ordered the same thing where sometimes it’s great and other times it’s blah? That happened at another pizza restaurant and a burger joint.
I don’t proclaim to know anything about the restaurant business except what I like and don’t like. Just one person’s observation on the lack of consistency.

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