I’m not into this tagging business. It works well for sites like Technorati, but I think for sites that aren’t social networks or bookmarking sites, tags don’t do the job. When I launched the new design of this place, it came with tags instead of categories. Research indicated that tags were the way to go.
Some days we remember tag words and other days we forget them. Therefore, when you want to retrieve a post using tags instead of search … it’s a matter of selecting the right tag that you used in the post. I’d like to go back to categories, but that would make a mess. Besides, what you think is more important.
Tags, I believe, are best used when interacting with other sites. For example, a blog uses tags so readers can search the web or a social site for more posts on a specific keyword. But to find something within a person’s site — categories work better.
What is your preference? Why?