I had been hearing many stories about how bad Time Warner’s service was. Since the switch over from Comcast to Time Warner, we experienced no problems. That is, until December 29. Our Internet connection was slow to non-existent. We didn’t think much of it even after rebooting the router and cable modem. After two days of this, we called Time Warner figuring we needed to report the problem.
Paul spent an hour on the phone with the rep who just had to follow the script even though Paul had already tried everything suggested. The rep would NOT listen to Paul. After all, it meant straying from the script. Oh, the horror.
Eventually, Paul figured out (with not much help from Time Warner) that our modem had problems with initializing. OK, no problem. Replace it. Well, Time Warner can’t have anyone out here till January 4! THREE business days after the New Year. I have a deadline on January 3 and was halfway through my articles when I ran into this problem. In the two years I’ve worked with this client, I’ve never missed a deadline. Had I not owned a laptop and a nearby shop with free wi-fi, I’d miss it.
T-Mobile. Time Warner. Two technology companies where customer service isn’t in their vocabulary. Paul plans to call Verizon about FiOS (fiber optic service) this week. As for T-Mobile, the company is lucky that it has the best plan and price for my needs otherwise I’d switch providers. Time Warner isn’t so lucky. At the rate it’s going… I don’t expect 2007 to be a good year for the company.
Back to business after the holiday, eh?