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Businesses have been taking advantage of many online tools not originally created for business purposes such as blogs, feeds, wikis, forums and more. These help businesses create a community, build relationships and gain trust and credibility. Would you buy a book on this topic?
If so, what do you want from the book that you’re not getting from other books?
Here are some books that cover similar topics:

If not, are there any topics you’re interested in surrounding web, content, writing, and marketing — that no book addresses? I’d love to hear your comments and thoughts. Thanks for any input!

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  1. What a great question! I know what an amazingly talented writer you are and I think the bigger question is what do you want to write about. I think you could write about any of these things listed above but I also think you could write about in terms of really explaining them for the laymen as some of the other responders have said. You have great humor in your writing and you’re able to write very engagingly.

    I’d love to read a book on how to create and write an e-newsletter that works as a marketing tool for your company that takes people from start to finish similar to the Andy Wibbels book on blogging.

  2. I would be interested in a book that focused on the community and relationship building aspects of these tools. There are many how-to books out there for setting up these tools but few that I know of for actually using the tools effectively.

  3. Similar to what the previous answer author said, there are plenty of books and other resources for the creation of tools but few that address the real connection between users/consumers and the business or site.

    I recently took a look at Luke Wroblewski’s “Wiki Interface Design Considerations” presentation in order to see about addressing some issues we had for our Rails Rumble project, Linga ( Rather than simply building an application, I’ve been looking for that communication process specifically — What do we need to present to the user when they create a wiki for the first time? Do we need conditional data based on how much, if anything, the user has contributed (an advanced user vs. a new user, etc.)

    37Signals touches on some of these issues occasionally on their blog (as well as other usability blogs around the tubes) but I think this segment is largely untapped and could use some help.

    I know I would definitely purchase a book like this if it was well put together and everything, sort of a la Dan Cederholm’s Bulletproof Web Design type of book design, look and feel.

  4. From Steve K: I’d buy anything you write. I’d add a lot of unique tools for presentations. Nothing worse than sitting though a 90,000 slide powerpoint. Needs lotsa resources. Like how to use or I love Animoto. I combine some cartoons with a few pictures and riff offf a 30-60 second trailer that sure is an icebreaker if you have to give a presentation … or you have to brown-nose the boss’ secretary.


  5. From Jenn G:

    I would purchase a book on this subject if it included a step-by-step process on how to use these things for marketing purposes. I already use a blog and a Yahoo Group to build a relationship with my niche. I would find value in having a process laid out that I could follow to adapt the other tools.


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