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When I bought a Flip camera in 2008, I also grabbed video editing software. Before buying the software, I researched for a good editor that wasn’t fancy or power-packed. Just enough to get the job done without spending much time with the user manual. With new software, I can usually dig right in. However, past experience with editing software involved more reading time than editing time. After talking to a few folks and reading reviews, I went with Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum Version 8.
I installed Vegas and never used it. Eventually, I uninstalled it because it took up unneeded resources and space. I decided to do a little winter cleaning by identifying the largest files on the computer. Three HD videos made the list, so that prompted me reinstall the editing software.
It can’t open the .m2ts files. This 2008 software has “HD” on the box, but it couldn’t open these files. I went to the website to see if the company had a patch or upgrade so it could open these files. It turned out they no longer support that version of the software. How hard would it be to create a plug-in to import these HD files? A search of user forums yielded nothing. I guess not too many people are using version 8 or they have cameras that don’t produce .m2st files.
Having learned my lesson that I don’t make time for editing videos, I looked around for freeware and cheap converter to convert these HD files into one Vegas 8 could handle. Unfortunately, no freeware app can handle these big files. Actually, there was one and it failed. Besides, I wasn’t comfortable using it because there had been concerns about the app having malware. (While working on this, I came across 10 Free Apps for Working with Video, but none could solve this problem.)
The trial version of Sony Vegas 11 converted the three big videos into one. Windows Media Player (Scroll way down to MPEG-4 section for why) couldn’t play it. Two other players could. Whew. I’m out of the video editing business. Back to using the old digital camera for videos.
I understand software companies have to draw the line in how long they support older versions of software. Is it fair to stop supporting a three-year-old app? Maybe Sony would’ve had a fan in me if they had a solution other than upgrade to 11.
What’s your take on software and support?
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3 thoughts on “Outdated Software”

  1. As a former IT professional, your post gave me a chuckle; floppy disks, Zip drives, all in storage as dinosaur food for this laptop. I know there are licensed fonts I could use today tucked away in these challenging unobtainium vaults of yesterday.
    Technology is profitable because the focus is on consumption. Yep, they’ll support that, but only if you pay again, over and over and over. -Steve

  2. Meryl,
    I just got a free Canon camera with a printer that I bought. I guess I better record a short video and see if I can edit it easily. I didn’t even check to see if editing software was included. Thanks for talking about your experience. Avil

  3. SL, I remember all that too well. Had ’em all. Wish it was easier to recycle electronics as they pile up fast.
    Avil, Usually I try to take short videos so I won’t have to worry about editing. In this case, it was a show and it needed cutting. Most cameras come with editing software … not the best, but it’s something.


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