Give Writing a Break

Don’t you hate it when you revisit content that you wrote a day or over a week ago and you find problems? If I had the luxury, I’d sit on most things for more than a day.
For short turn-around assignments, I write the first draft quickly and smooth it. Then I sit on it for at least an hour, if possible before doing the final read through. Every bit helps.
The nice thing about sitting on something is that more ideas come to me while doing something else. For game reviews, I often have a short turnaround time. Sometimes, I have to take a break from playing the game and writing the review because something else comes up.
Many times, a creative comment or idea pops up while I’m away from the computer and the game. So I use my smartphone to capture the thoughts before they get away.
However, I don’t apply the “sit on it” rule for blogging unless it’s a post for later.
So don’t feel guilty about taking a break. You’re still working by letting your brain rest or brainstorm during the rest period. That’s enough break for me, back to writing.

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