Let Us Tweet

Was inspired by with my mangling of “Let it Snow” into Let Us Blog. Since I use Twitter lots now, I thought we needed “Let Us Tweet.” Apologies again to Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne, the composers of the original. Also, Dragon NaturallySpeaking makes an appearance at the end of the post with both songs … Read more

A Real Life Internet Fable

As a deaf person, I love technology and it helps connect me to many people. But even I can’t believe this true story from Michael Katz of Blue Penguin Development, Inc and I disagree with the conference leader’s actions. {Begin story} I attended the Inbound Marketing Summit here in Boston. It promised several excellent speakers, … Read more

How To Add Colour To A Grey Day

I’ve seen Joanna Young’s writing over time, but it wasn’t until Poewar’s March Madness that I became a regular at her Confident Writing blog. Since then, she has inspired me to think deeper about describing things and ideas. Her powerful writing shows how we can have so many answers to one question. How To Add … Read more

4 More Tips for a Good Twitter Experience

Although Twitter hasn’t done much for my writing business, it keeps me in touch with friends and colleagues. It did contribute to my previous post. I decided to ask twitterville what they did whenever they become lethargic when they need to write. It worked well. As much as I’d like to regularly ask questions, overdoing … Read more

7 Tips to a Good Twitter Experience

When people say they don’t get Twitter — it’s because they need to be more proactive. Twitter doesn’t work if you lurk, post updates, and do nothing else. What I’ve learned after using Twitter for a month: Follow unto others as you would have them do unto you. @comment others to make the most of … Read more

Advice to Wanna Be Writers

Updated: 8 October 2019 Occasionally, I receive an e-mail from someone who wants advice on becoming a professional writer. There’s too much information out there, so the best thing to do is learn a little at a time. The following is what I tell those interested in a writing career. Join a writing community: The … Read more