Try to Do Something Creative: 35+ Ideas

I have an old, old (2001!) useless one-line post on doing something creative that search engines somehow love. I felt bad for the folks who keep landing on the post only to find nothing of value. Let’s see if we can stop torturing folks by listing ideas for creative things to do. Some take a … Read more

How To Add Colour To A Grey Day

I’ve seen Joanna Young’s writing over time, but it wasn’t until Poewar’s March Madness that I became a regular at her Confident Writing blog. Since then, she has inspired me to think deeper about describing things and ideas. Her powerful writing shows how we can have so many answers to one question. How To Add … Read more

10 Overused Game Journalism Cliches

When I first started doing casual game reviews, praising or picking apart a game came easy. Now, when writing game reviews, I feel like I’ve said it all before. The top 10 game journalism cliches (article no longer available) captures the challenges game reviewers face. Here is the list along with my comments. 1. Top … Read more

Freelancing Tip: Dealing with "Want to Do" Projects

It’s easy to overwhelm yourself with so many things and ideas that nothing materializes. For example, a writer might think about article ideas for different magazines, project ideas, and Web site / networking pages content ideas. Thinking about all of these will likely produce nothing except one overwhelmed freelancer. This became a problem when I … Read more