Try to Do Something Creative: 35+ Ideas

I have an old, old (2001!) useless one-line post on doing something creative that search engines somehow love. I felt bad for the folks who keep landing on the post only to find nothing of value. Let’s see if we can stop torturing folks by listing ideas for creative things to do. Some take a … Read more

Painting the Digital River

Painting the Digital River takes a view of art by comparing digital art and classic art. Author James Faure Walker makes many points as he gives value to both art forms, discarding neither as less legitimate than the other. Himself an artist, Walker knows that many artists are confused as to what it means to … Read more


Art books are reaching new heights and Pictoplasma is one of the first I’ve seen. The others are Designer Shock’s DSOS1 : The User’s Manual and Anime. All three books are published by German publisher, Die Gestalten Verlag, and they’re onto something here. The book is a showcase of contemporary art created by international graphic … Read more