Advice to Wanna Be Writers

Updated: 8 October 2019

Occasionally, I receive an e-mail from someone who wants advice on becoming a professional writer. There’s too much information out there, so the best thing to do is learn a little at a time. The following is what I tell those interested in a writing career.

Join a writing community: The best thing you can do is join a writer’s community as not many writers like to give advice because they worked hard to get where they are with little or no help. Many great communities exist out there. Your best bet is to search for the ones covering your industry or genre because those communities will have answers to many of your questions. So search the community for answers before asking.

Book recommendations: Writer’s Market [current year] and those listed in the top 25 books for writers and writing-related topics.

Resources: Read “Writer’s Digest.” Search Twitter for writing hashtags such as #amwriting and list of writers like my list of writing pros. Many often include links to great writing-related articles.

Social media is a great place to meet and connect with writers and others in the industry. A few Twitter chats cover writing-related topics. Here’s how to join a Twitter chat.

This list is short to avoid overwhelming you. When someone gives me too much info — I feel overwhelmed that I don’t know where to begin. If you’re ready for more resources, here’s a list of Resources for Freelance Writers

Abstract version of my story: I didn’t quit my day job and dive into freelance writing. Instead, I wrote on the side while working a day job. I continuously received assignments and it took five years before leaving my day job for full-time freelancing.
What advice do you share with new writers?

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    • Excellent advice, Sharmeen. When you have a niche, you can use the keywords to attract the right clients. For example, on LinkedIn, you’d use the niche name along with “writer,” which makes you stand out from everyone who just uses “writer.” And it also helps you narrow your search for influencers in that niche. Thanks for an important reminder.

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