A Writer's Coach: An Editor's Guide to Words That Work Book Review

Books on writing often reiterate the same advice we learn over time, the reader sometimes lucks out in using a tidbit or two. Realistically, no one has time to study the advice and put it to practice. Thus, it’s not a bad thing for a book on writing to cover the things we’ve read before. … Read more

On Becoming Fearless Book Review

As a mother of two young girls, Huffington wanted to provide a guide for female fearlessness. She does this in On Becoming Fearless by capturing her experiences in dealing with fear. Her first serious encounter occurs when her own mother shows the courage to stand up to German soldiers who threatened to kill everyone if … Read more

Plug Your Book! Book Review

Authors can’t rely solely on their publishers to do the marketing for their book especially self-publishers. They need to take it in their own hands and the Internet simplifies the task. However, are authors making full use of the Internet? Plug Your Book! is a checklist complete with instructions so authors ensure they explore every … Read more

Emotional Design Book Review

Norman opens the book with a discussion of three teapots he owns. He doesn’t use them, but he loves how each tells a story. One is impossible to use, one is a classy glassy Michael Graves design and one is unusual. Norman says when we like the look of an object; we’re more willing to … Read more

The Intellectual Devotional Book Review

I recently read an article that says executives have higher vocabulary than the average person. Managers, too, but not as high as executives. This book is a great way to expand your knowledge. A devotional is a short religious service. Religious and spiritual devotional books break down religious readings into short chapters to help readers … Read more

Loyalty Myths Book Review

Pareto’s principle states that 80 percent of a company’s business comes from 20 percent of its customers. Therefore, businesses invest time and money into building and maintaining customer loyalty. Loyalty Myths says that organizations focused on traditional loyalty programs won’t succeed and explains why the 53 customer loyalty beliefs are myths. Businesses that work to … Read more