AP, Writers and Social Media

The AP is Changing the Way Their Reporters Use Twitter reports that the Associated Press (AP) is forbidding writers from sharing opinions in Twitter, including opinions of others through retweets. I understand AP wants to ensure its reputation for unbiased reporting remains intact. My initial reaction was tripping over my jaw that had somehow landed on … Read more

Traditional Publishing to ePublishing: What you need to know

Guest post by Margaret Norton Five years ago, when I started thinking about writing my first book, most people recommended a traditional publisher rather than self-publishing. I took that advice many times, but since then I’ve wondered if I made the right choice. One year after my book was released, I terminated my relationship with … Read more

Let Your Energy Dictate Your Day

In the mid-nineties, I worked for two telecom companies. In the first one, I had a colleague who was a published romance author. She did most of her writing in the evenings because that was her most productive time. My night owl friend arrived in the office as late as possible while I came in early. Despite my being the morning person and her night gal, we worked well together and stayed in touch after leaving the company.

Look for the Nuggets

In 2005, the fair organizers came up with the bright marketing idea to take its food theme to another level when it started the Big Tex Choice Awards. The fried food games began. Eventually, the organizers added the slogan of “Fried Food Capital of Texas” and now people associate the fair with fried food. How does the fried food awards help a writer?