Call to Action

The main purpose of the book is to help businesses increase their conversion rates. Conversion, and there isn’t a better word to describe it, means action that leads to the results you want. It could be increased product sales, more newsletter subscriptions, contacting the business, or more registered users. Call for Action is about improving … Read more

Behave, Word, Behave!

If you copy something from a Web site or elsewhere… or you reuse a document and the formatting is making you crazy with its weirdness, then stop the insanity. The first option to make the document behave loses some of the formatting. You can always undo the changes if you don’t like it by pressing … Read more

Eats, Shoots and Leaves

I’m obviously a stickler for grammar and enjoy finding grammatical errors, typos, and other funny goofs with the English language as evidenced in the Gotchas (new design coming) and the series I’ve written for Webreference. Imagine my excitement when hearing about this runaway bestseller in which the author takes a “zero-tolerance approach to punctuation.” It … Read more

Net Words: Creating High-Impact Online Copy

The online marketing experts, Web designers, and usability gurus have been saying that the content is the heart of a Web site, it’s what connects the readers with the site. Yet, many sites, especially businesses, aren’t getting the message. Even writers who are used to writing for printed publications have to change their habits for … Read more