Are We Too Accepting of Information?

Even with all the gadgets I have and time I spend on the computer, I still look forward to reading the print edition of my local newspaper every morning. Recently, I saw an ad in the paper from a hypermarket (combination of grocery and department stores) that I’ll call CubeMart. Normally, I don’t pay attention … Read more

Free Samples

“It bothers me to watch the hordes at the farmer’s market, swooping in to each booth, grabbing a sample and walking away,” writes Seth Godin. In his post, he explains that it bugs him to see farmers giving away free samples at a farmer’s market. Instead of offering samples, they need to focus on building … Read more

Connect with Clients and Prospects with Email Marketing

A 2011 survey of over 8,000 US local business owners found email marketing cited by 35.8% as a “Top three most effective marketing or advertising method.” Likewise, the 9th Annual Merchant Survey (2010) conducted by The E-tailing Group asked merchants to list which initiatives they would be using to improve website performance. The top … Read more

Look for the Nuggets

In 2005, the fair organizers came up with the bright marketing idea to take its food theme to another level when it started the Big Tex Choice Awards. The fried food games began. Eventually, the organizers added the slogan of “Fried Food Capital of Texas” and now people associate the fair with fried food. How does the fried food awards help a writer?

Book Summaries and Editorial Reviews: Revealing too much?

I went to bed late a couple of times this week because of “The Hunger Games” series by Suzanne Collins. Great series — so far. I’m just getting to the meat of the second book (“Catching Fire”). I knew the games and themes in the series resembled the “The Running Man,” but couldn’t imagine why it was a best seller. “The Running Man” was a good movie, but I didn’t love it and post-apocalypse themed stories tend to be depressing. After finishing the first and digging into the second, I got my answer.