Are We Too Accepting of Information?

Even with all the gadgets I have and time I spend on the computer, I still look forward to reading the print edition of my local newspaper every morning. Recently, I saw an ad in the paper from a hypermarket (combination of grocery and department stores) that I’ll call CubeMart. Normally, I don’t pay attention … Read more

Craig's List Scam

Between my digital camera having video recording capabilities and cutting clutter, I decided to sell my barely used HD video camcorder on Craig’s List. Or rather, the camcorder posted it begging for a home that will take good care of it and use it often. Within hours of posting, an email comes in from Walt Julius asking if the item is still for sale.

Logitech VX Nano Cordless Laser Mouse Review

I bought my first portable mouse when it was on sale for very cheap. At first, I thought it was a bad investment because I didn’t use it for a long time. However, I started using my laptop for all work for a specific client and needed to use a regular mouse instead of the … Read more

GiftTRAP Board Game Review

Think you know your friends and family well? GiftTRAP sets out to challenge that assumption with its game of giving and receiving. When you have a choice of giving a roadside emergency kit, learn to be a graffiti artist (obviously a course), space-age purse or a space hopper (???) — gift-giving turns into an adventure. … Read more

Buy a Laptop

Shopping for a laptop is overwhelming because of the numerous choices. No one can tell you what you need or don’t need, except maybe your spouse, parent, kid, local geek, or know-it-all who knows you. But it’s still good to know a few things about buying a laptop. An educated customer is a happy customer, … Read more