Writing E-mail Subject Lines

I’ve been thinking about e-mail subject lines more lately especially with the recent flurry of legitimate e-mails coming in without one. A Lifehack entry recommends using one of the following four items in a subject line: * Question * Response * FYI * Spam Very GTDish, indeed (Getting Things Done). Although, “spam” in the subject … Read more

Prayers for Dad

My dad went into the hospital last week and left on Saturday. He went back in the hospital yesterday. So I wanted to dedicate a post to his recovery — he has a long road ahead of him. One thing I am grateful for is that I never thought, “I wish I had spent more … Read more

Easy Rebates

Mail-in rebates — especially for small amounts — may be tedious, but I do them. Some are too complicated and require buying four items from a list. But I won’t pass up a rebate for $75, which Amazon offers for Macbooks. Amazon.com Rebate Center simplifies the process of getting a rebate. All done online. A … Read more

Freelance vs. Corporate

Matthew Jordan, a freelance designer, explores the benefits of being a lone freelancer. Though I’m a freelance writer rather than a designer, both share many things in common. I started writing on the side as a part-time gig while holding a corporate job for the benefits and security. I made the move to full-time freelancing … Read more

Responding to Bulk and Group Emails

I’ve noticed a trend lately in email newsletters stating “Do not respond to this email as it will go to Email Never, Never Land,” or something along those lines. Sending email newsletters with a valid “Reply-To” would work better. What are the chances subscribers will notice that line? I’m betting that not all email newsletter … Read more

Online Maps Warning

I just survived and thoroughly enjoyed a weekend-long family celebration. Today, I learned that some people didn’t make it to the party because Mapquest didn’t have the right information or street for the location of the party. I was horrified. I used Google Maps and it was perfect in giving directions and showing the location … Read more

Read Books Fast and Efficiently

lifehack.org has an excellent (as usual) entry on efficient reading. I remember coming across classic book How to Read a Book, which covers the different levels of reading and how to reach them — “from elementary reading, through systematic skimming and inspectional reading, to speed reading, you learn how to pigeonhole a book, X-ray it, … Read more