Freelancing Good Habit: Sticking to a Schedule

While freelancing offers flexibility in terms of time and location, procrastinators and people who can’t motivate themselves will find it a struggle. Unlike a corporate job, “when you’re not working, you don’t earn money.” In the corporate world on a regular salary, you get paid during slow times even if it means you might spend … Read more

On Becoming Fearless Book Review

As a mother of two young girls, Huffington wanted to provide a guide for female fearlessness. She does this in On Becoming Fearless by capturing her experiences in dealing with fear. Her first serious encounter occurs when her own mother shows the courage to stand up to German soldiers who threatened to kill everyone if … Read more

How To Study

I believe in education for a lifetime, not just stop after college. I plan to take classes when time allows and eventually go to grad school — online preferably since lectures were rough on me (this is why). Of course, education doesn’t stop with formal classes. Reading books, researching a topic, and visiting related Web … Read more

Lesson in Perseverance

I played in my first official tennis match ever, a USTA tournament against six teams. We played every hour beginning with a bye in the first hour — lucky us! Each team consisted of six players, three doubles partners. We played one set against another team’s six players at the same time across three courts. … Read more