15 Tips for Becoming a Better Writer

A person can read plenty of books on how to improve your writing skills, but how do you retain all that information? You can’t … unless you have a photographic memory. Realistically, you can pick up a few tips and make those a habit. Then you pick up a few more in the next book… repeat. A Guide to Becoming a Better Writer: 15 Practical Tips offers doable tips — you may do most of them already.
In my freshman year in college, I majored in Radio-TV-Film (affectionally known as RTVF). Though it only lasted a semester, I picked up one valuable lesson. We learned about the basics mechanics of a film including shot angles, editing and so on. Whenever I rented a movie, I started noticing these mechanics and paying attention on how the film’s director used them.
Writing is the same way. In reading books, you notice mechanics. I’ll watch for the noun verb sentence so I can discover powerful verbs and ways to write a sentence without using the word “is.” This advice appears in the first tip: Read great writers. Here are the 15 tips without the comments.
1. Read great writers
2. Write a lot
3. Write down ideas, all the time
4. Create a writing ritual
5. Just write
6. Eliminate distractions
7. Plan, then write
8. Experiment
9. Revise
10. Be concise
11. Use powerful sentence
12. Get feedback
13. Put yourself out there
14. Learn to be conversational
15. Start and end strong

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